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Celebrating our children's achievements is an important part of school life for us here at Greatwood.  We are extremely proud of all of our children, take a look at the photographs below.  We are sure that you will agree with us...

Congratulations to all of the children who were awarded certificates in this mornings assembly.  What a fabulous start to the academic year.


Thank you to all of the parents who attended.

Friday 21st September
Friday 14th September:

Our family dining is crucially important here at Greatwood. It not only allows for us to take responsibility in serving one another, learning table manners and tidying up afterwards. But it also allows our older children to be role models to our younger children. 


Our Headteachers Table is where children are invited to join Mrs Yeoman for their lunch. They can sit at an ‘extra special’ table and enjoy a ‘fine dining experience.’ 

Headteachers Table

Headteachers Table 1
Headteachers Table 2
Headteachers Table 3
Headteachers Table 4
Headteachers Table 5
Headteachers Table 6