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Friday 15th



Today you will write your reply to Lenny's mum. You can use the template/plan you completed yesterday to help you.


You can write or type your letter. I have attached some paper if you are able to print and would like to use it.


If you have already written your reply, then you can write your own letter as if you were an evacuee.


We would love to see your completed letters so please email if you can.



I have put a selection of mental maths challenges for you to complete. You can choose one or all of them.

If you decide to do the ultimate times tables challenge, don't forget to try and time yourself (if you want to) so you can see how quickly you can answer all the questions.


Ultimate times tables challenge


Work through the BBC Bitesize lesson on 'How do we get computers to do what we want?' and complete Activity 2.