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Greatwood School is organised into eight single year classes from Nursery through to years 6.  Years 1 and 2 are Key Stage 1 and years 3-6 are Key Stage 2.


The Nursery and Reception classes have well equipped and spacious areas for structured play activities. Nursery age children are entitled to fifteen hours of free nursery education per week. There are two nursery session times each day : 8.30am-11.30am and 12.00 – 3.00pm. Parents are free to choose which they would like their child to attend and, in addition to the free sessions, can also choose to pay for additional sessions (see Nursery brochure for prices)  In Nursery and Reception children’s work is linked to six areas of development:


·      Personal, Social and Emotional Development

·      Communication, Language and Literacy

·      PSRN (Number)

·      Knowledge and Understanding of the World

·      Creative Development

·      Physical Development


The school curriculum for Key Stages One and Two is planned to cover the requirements of the national curriculum. This consists of three core subjects, literacy, maths and science. The foundation subjects of history, RE, geography, art, music, PE, swimming, design and technology, I.C.T. and P.S.H.C.E. are catered for. These subjects are taught through a topic based ‘Schemes and Themes’ approach.




The school currently uses Collins Big Cat, Rigby Star and Jelly & Bean reading scheme resources supplemented by a range of quality fiction and non-fiction books both in class as well as in our school library.

We teach phonics through a combination resources linked to the national guidelines for phonics - 'Letters & Sounds' as well as resources using' Jolly Phonics'.


Staff plan carefully to ensure that the curriculum is effective and that it meets the needs of the children. A variety of teaching styles are used to support children’s learning. Children may be taught in small groups or individually as well as a whole class depending on the tasks involved.


Teachers evaluate and assess children’s work to ensure that the learning objectives are being met.


Wherever possible children are taken on trips to reinforce the teaching and learning which takes place in the classroom. We are also pleased to welcome visitors to come into school to talk to the pupils.


Children with Learning Difficulties

Learning difficulties are sometimes identified before a child enters school.

If a parent thinks that their child may have a problem, they should convey their worries to the class teacher as soon as possible. A programme of work will be devised within school to support that child.

It may be necessary to call on outside agencies such as speech and language therapy, educational psychologists or social workers, but this course of action would only be taken following consultation with the parent. Please see our Special Educational Needs Policy in school for detailed information. No child will be put at a disadvantage because of their special needs.


Religious Education

The school has no particular religious affiliation but has a Christian ethos. Children are taught to have an awareness of Christianity and also an awareness of other religions and faiths.

Parents may, if they wish, withdraw their child from religious worship and RE lessons. Please contact us at school if this is the case.




All of our children have the opportunity to go swimming at Aireville Pool. We ask for a voluntary contribution to cover admission charges, transport and tuition.  No earrings to be worn. No tankinis or long shorts please.



All homework and correspondence will be written in a PACT (Parents And Children Together) book.

Children will be given homework on a regular basis. Reading at home is encouraged as is practising spellings and maths work.



Personal, Health and Sex Education

Governors have agreed that this should be included in our curriculum and that it should be based around the teaching of ‘family values’.



Educational Visits

Educational visits play an important part in children’s education. A parental consent form must be completed in for each visit. Parents are often asked to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of the visit.

Parents are welcome to help on educational visits.



Residential Visits

Visits that involve some time away from home can be of great value for many reasons, including social as well as educational. Residential visits usually take place in Years 5 or 6 often to outdoor centres run by North Yorkshire County  Council. Parents would be given detailed information well in advance of any residential visit.


Out of School Activities

We run a wide variety of after school, extra curricular clubs for children. These include drama, computer, and dance clubs. There are also a wide variety of sport clubs on offer – football, netball, golf etc. Letters are sent to inform parents of the opportunities available.


Family Learning

During the course of the year we open our doors to parents to come and learn more about their child’s education. These courses are interesting and fun and with the aim of helping parents to help their children at school.



Behaviour and Discipline

The ethos of Greatwood is based upon our moral and social code.

We follow an agreed set of Greatwood rules with the following message:


Great Learners at Greatwood are……


respectful and polite

kind, caring & helpful

hardworking & happy



These rules apply across the whole school and are on display in both indoor and outdoor areas. They are regularly reinforced and direct praise is offered to children following the rules. Greatwood has an established and effective reward system, which is carried out by all members of staff.


Our rules support the schools aim that all children have self-respect and a high level of self-esteem whilst being respectful and kind in a hardworking environment. Children who follow these rules are more likely to be able to behave in a positive way.


We have high expectations of children’s behaviour and school staff are vigilant, quickly dealing with any unwanted behaviour which might occur. The School Behaviour Policy is available for parents to read.


The school includes additional assemblies and circle time activities lined to the SEAL themes (Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning) which further support our behaviour policy.




We use a variety of rewards to reward good behaviour.


For excellent educational achievement, children are presented with a certificate in our weekly ‘Golden Award Assembly’ which takes place each Friday. Children receiving a Golden Award are then treated to a trip to one of the local cafes in Skipton for a drink and cake on the following Monday. In addition, all children work towards individual recognition throughout the term and within their classes with further rewards and recognition available for being excellent learners.


We believe it is important to praise children – to tell them we are proud of them - both for good behaviour and educational achievement.


Please view our reward system around school


Friends of Greatwood School – FROGS

All parents are encouraged to join the FROGS group which organises events for social and fundraising purposes. Events will be advertised locally and letters sent to parents. The meetings and events are informal and friendly.



Child Protection

The school has a legal duty to monitor the protection of the pupils in its care. We are legally obliged to identify and deal with any sensitive issues when necessary to protect children from physical, emotional or sexual abuse or neglect.



A list of holiday dates is available on the school website.

Holidays during term time can no longer be authorised by school other than in exceptional circumstances



Equal Opportunities 

At Greatwood School we aim to:


·      Develop an awareness of the responsibility of everyone to promote equal  opportunities for all.


·      Be pro-active in ensuring all children feel equal to one another


·      Respect each other’s differences


·      Raise self-esteem to enable children to accept their entitlement for equal opportunity


·      Combat discriminatory practice and stereotyping in curriculum materials and activities.


·      Encourage the children to have non-stereotypical views of themselves and others




Please note that the Authority does not provide insurance cover for children or their possessions in the normal day to day attendance at school. The Authority only provides insurance cover against injury caused as a result of negligence by the authority itself or by its servants or agents. It is the responsibility of parents to insure their children against accidental injury to their child.


Complaints Procedure

Should parents have a complaint of regarding school this can usually be resolved in an informal way by talking to the class teacher or Head teacher. If the matter cannot be resolved the complaint should be put in writing to the Head Teacher who will investigate the complaint in detail. For full information about the procedure, please see the complaints procedure on the Key Information of the website. 


Transfer to Secondary School

Pupils normally transfer to secondary school at the age of eleven. Children will visit their chosen school during the summer term and a member of staff from each secondary school comes to Greatwood to talk to those children who will attend that school.

Whilst hoping you have found this information helpful, we realise that it is impossible to include everything in a booklet.


Please do not hesitate to contact us about any aspect of school life that concerns you.


We look forward to working with you in helping your child on an exciting journey of learning and discovery that lies ahead.


We are very proud of Greatwood School and all our pupils.



If there is anything further you would like to know please contact school on 01756 793609.



Disclaimer: The information contained in this publication was correct at January 2017, but it should not be assumed that there will be no changes affecting the relevant arrangements during the school year or in subsequent school years.   The appropriate pages will be updated as the need arises.