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Eco Rangers

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Welcome to our Eco Rangers Page. Our team of Eco-friendly pupils are responsible for promoting lots of ways to save energy at school and to help our environment. They work as a team, under the guidance of Mrs Yeoman to set challenges and targets for the school in it's bid to be a successful 'Eco School'

Greatwood ECO Code

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You will be able to easily identify our Eco Rangers within school as all 11 members now wear their very own 'Save The Earth' badges on their right sleeves.
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Our Eco-Rangers Action Plan

Our Eco-Rangers Action Plan 1

Minutes of our Meetings

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Recycling Stations

We asked the whole school how we could reduce the waste that ends up in landfill sites. One of the ideas was to have recycling stations around school.

Here we are making up the brand new recycling stations.

Writing for change

We wrote letters to Mrs Hardiman our school business manager to ask her to help to reduce our waste produced by School milk cartons and straws.


We also wrote to Corrina, our school cook to ask for her help in reducing waste in the school kitchen.


We will keep you updated with any changes that are made.

Plastic Assembly February 2020

In our Whole School Assembly we focussed on how we could reduce plastic here at Greatwood. Here are some of our suggestions for our

             Eco Action plan:

-reduce single use plastic at school

-recycling stations throughout school

-cutting down on glue sticks 


Eco Rangers Recycling crisp packets

Eco Rangers Recycling crisp packets 1
Our Eco Rangers have been busy collecting empty crisp packets. They have also been litter picking around the school grounds. On the 7th February our Eco Rangers proudly sent off 3 large boxes to Terracycle. 
We have been busy planting: lettuce, tomatoes, pumpkin and radish, hopefully we will have a bumper crop to sell to our parents. 
The Eco Team had a great day at Howsham Mill learning about renewable energy. We watched the water wheel generating electricity for the local village, we then got chance to make our own. After lunch the team took part in a forestry schools afternoon which included; building a fire, toasting marshmallows on the fire and den building. We all had a great time.

Eco Poster Design Competition

Here are the some of the finalists from our recent Eco Poster competition. We had some wonderful designs all of which will be used around the school as reminders to all children and staff about switching off to save energy. Well done to everyone who entered the competition.