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Extra Curricular Activities

Our dedicated Staff team make our 'OUTSTANDING EXTRA-CURRICULAR PROVISION' possible.  We are extremely lucky to have 25 different extra curricular clubs on offer every term.  These clubs run before, during and after school.

In a whole school Assembly we discussed what type of After School clubs we would like to have this year to make sure that there was 'something for everyone!'  96 children are currently accessing our extra curricular clubs (which are all free!) You will see below what we chose...

You can sign up for any of the following for the Spring Term:

Cookery Club,

Craft Club,

Gardening Club,

Debating Club,


Fair Trade Club,

Lego Club,

Multi Sports Club


Plus we also have 17 different lunchtime clubs this term too! 

Wake up, Shake Up

Our incredible Y6 playleaders: Elise, George, Keira, Poppy, Lana, Mia and Bethany (with the help of Jasmin from Reception) deliver our daily Wake up, Shake up sessions in the hall. Join us from 8.30-8.45 EVERY MORNING for an active start to your day. 
some of our favourite dances are: YMCA, Ghostbusters, Waka Waka and Dance Monkey! 

Lego Club 13.3.2020


Our 14 budding builders have really impressed us with their Lego building skills!  Mrs Yeoman has had to increase the level of challenge for us.  Jack, Callum, Ben and Freddie are now busy building a Ninjago Ship.  Here is their progress for week 1:


03.03.20 Gardening Club

After a big garden tidy, we all planted narcissus daffodils and primroses into hanging baskets and pots. We also planted sunflower and wildflower seeds too. We definitely brought some spring cheer to the courtyard!

Lego Club 28.2.2020

We had a fantastic time at Lego club with Mrs Yeoman. There are 14 members of Lego club from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. We all love Lego! Here are some of our creations from week 1. 
We had to follow the instructions very carefully in order to build our creations. Next week Mrs Yeoman will be bringing some trickier kits for Freddie and Jack as they are ‘mega builders!’ 

Cookery Club 24.2.20:

Mrs Savoury and her super cooks have been busy writing their very own recipes for their cook books this evening.  Next week they will be making a Greatwood firm favourite 'rocky road!'  Come back and have a look next week at our delicious creations!

Young Voices 29/1/2020

Ruti- The Voice Winner!

Still image for this video

The Shires

Still image for this video

Tony Hadley- Spandau Ballet

Still image for this video

Our 31 Choir members, Mrs Finch, Miss Johnson and Mrs Yeoman spent the day at the MEN arena on the 29th January. We sang along with 8000 other children, Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet) The Shires and Ruti (winner of The Voice.) 

Being part of Young Voices gives our children confidence, self esteem and develops many Personal and Social skills.

The afternoon of rehearsals was very fast paced and our conductor David Lawrence was very impressed with the standard of singing.

This year many of our parents and families were part of the audience, they could not believe how fantastic the performance was.

Young Voices, we will definitely be back in 2021! 

Friday 6th December- 14 KS2 children were awarded with their St Johns Ambulance School First Aid Certificates

Our KS2 First Aiders have all achieved the Level 1 School First Aid certificate.  They now know how to respond to:

An asthma attack,

Bleeding and can deal with a wasp/bee sting.


They are confident in Administering CPR, bandaging a patient and can put a patient into the recovery position.



Outdoor Craft Club - Christmas Wreaths

Using foraged moss, we wrapped it around a wreath ring and tied with garden twine. Everyone then chose different foliage to add to their wreaths. The children were very proud of their creations to decorate their homes with.

Outdoor Craft Club - Christmas Trees

Everyone foraged for different sized twigs and sticks and laid them out to create a Christmas tree in a ladder formation. They then tied them together with string so they could be hung up. Christmas decorations were then added to the trees.

Outdoor Craft Club - Spider Webs

First everyone foraged for some good sized twigs and sticks. They then held them together whilst winding round string to create different spider webs.

22.10.19 Outdoor Craft Club - Conker Creatures

Everyone designed their own mini creatures by foraging for conkers, painting them different colours and adding googly eyes.


15.10.19 Outdoor Craft Club - Nature Colour Hunt


In after school club this week, we went on a nature colour hunt around the school fields. We tried to find colours in the leaves, flowers and fruit to match the colours on our sheet. We founds lots of amazing autumnal colours!

Construction club


Click on the link below, it will take you to the tracks, dance moves and lyrics of the songs that we have been learning so that you can practice at home. 

KS1 Multi-sports Club

We are loving playing a range of sports and having the chance to try new activities. Coach Katie is fantastic and this evening we enjoyed balance biking and playing football. What will we do next week?

08.10.19 Outdoor Crafts Club


The children foraged for lots of small sticks and a big leaf to use for a sail. Using old bike inner tubes, we cut off little rings of tubing to attach our sticks together into a raft shape. The children then added a mast and their leaf sail. 

There was lots of trial and error when the children realised their boat didn't float, they changed the length of their rafts and masts to ensure their boat floated away.

01.10.19 Outdoor Crafts Club


We started today by foraging in the school field for the perfect stick to make our wands. Again, the rain was torrential so we decorated our wands inside with ribbons, glitter and other crafty bits. The children enjoyed creating different spells with their new wands.


27.9.19 Choir


This evening we started to learn two songs from the Young Voices 2020 programme.


We started with the Pop Medley that includes Jess Glynn, George Ezra, Years and Years and Panic at the Disco.


We then finished the session by learning the dance moves to the Frightfest medley that includes ‘Monster Mash’ ‘Is it a Monster’ and ‘Little Shop of Horrors.’



24.09.19 Outdoor Craft Club


We first went foraging in the school field, looking for outdoor inspiration for our Boggart faces. Boggarts are little spirits that live in the woods, they can be made from clay and stuck to trees to create little outdoor faces. As the rain was torrential, we foraged and then made our faces inside.

23rd September 2019



This evening in First Aid Club we focussed on 'Asthma.'

We can now identify what Asthma is, what an Asthma attack looks like and how as First Aiders we can help.

We used our best 'role play' efforts to re-enact an Asthma attack, dealing with the situation as the First Aider on Scene, dialling for an Ambulance and ensuring that we can direct an ambulance to school or our home effectively.


We are working towards gaining a certification in First Aid.

You can sign up for any of the following during the Summer term:

Nature Club,


Fair Trade Club,





Nerf Games,

Fun and Games and many, many more...








We have now renamed our club ‘Knit and Natter club!’ Our knitters have been busy at home practising their skills since last Tuesday.


This week we continued to knit the basic stitch. Izzy informed us all that she was ‘knitting a blanket for her new hamster!’ Florence was worried ‘the hamster might nibble through it!’


Next week we are hoping to introduce some brighter colours to our knitting.



Tonight we learnt how to hold our needles, Mrs Yeoman used the visualiser to demonstrate how to knit. 


By by the end of the club everyone had knit at least 1 full row of 30 stitches!


Watch this space for more updates...

EY and KS1 Energy Club -

Here are just some of the clubs that will be on offer over the Autumn Term

Friday 16th November

Superb Schnitzels

9th November 2018

Mrs Savoury's Magnificent Meatballs!

10th October 2018

Cooking Club

18.10.18 Engineering Club - After Lennon's success last week we had a focused masterclass on constructing the club's paper aeroplane design of choice.  Everyone's planes flew further this week but, despite a broken wrist, Lennon still managed to win the competition thanks enormously to Lily who launched his plane (and even completed some of his folding) reaching 9.57m!!

16.10.18 Gardening Club - This week we helped Miss Carter in the Nursery garden!

Friday 12th October



Today we made a pizza, we had to stretch the dough and try to shape it like a pizza. We then added our toppings. we cooked them in the school cookers.

Thursday 11th October - Engineering Club


Tonight we tested the first of our bridges and flew the paper aeroplanes for the first time.  The Year 6 team bridge took an incredible 5.85kg before buckling under the strain and the winning flight so far is from Lennon whose plane flew an amazing 8.26m!  Two weeks to perfect those design guys, who will win at the end of term?

Tuesday 9th October 2018


Gardening Club

Tonight in the gardening club we made an insect hotel

Friday 5th October 2018


Friday Cookery Club

Tonight in the cookery club we made Sausage Rolls with Mrs Savoury

03.10.18 EYFS/KS1 Construction Club

27.09.18 EYFS/KS1 Art Club

26/9/18:  ART CLUB

This evening we have been focusing on creating different shades using paint.  We then 'colour matched' individual shades to our leaves.  I am sure that you will agree that these pieces are absolutely fantastic so far. TBC

21.9.18- Cookery Club:

In our first EVER cookery club Mrs Savoury (aka:Mary Berry) taught us how to make Quiche.  We used tortilla wraps for the base and filled them with a choice of delicious fillings.  We used the school Kitchen to cook our meals.  We took home our quiches for a Friday tea-time treat!  What will we make next week?


20.9.18 KS2 Engineering Club

This term's engineering challenges are "What is the best design for a bridge made out of K'nex, to enable it to carry the most weight?"  and "What is the best design for a paper aeroplane to enable it to fly the furthest?"  The children really enjoyed constructing both bridges and  aeroplanes and we will use the coming weeks to test and perfect our designs!

20.9.18 EYFS/KS1 Art Club

EYFS/KS1 Construction Club 19.9.18

The children had a lovely time at construction club, they worked together to build some very intricate models.

EYFS and KS1 Yoga 18/9/18:


Tonight we had our very first Yoga lesson with Claire from @skiptonyogi 


The children thoroughly enjoyed learning new poses and the relaxing yoga story to end the session. ‘We cannot wait for next week!’

Gardening Club 18/9/18:

Week 1: We have worked tirelessly this evening to weed the bedding boxes.  Our homework is to investigate what different fruits, vegetables and plants we should be planting at this time of year!



Key Stage 2 - Blogging Club

Monday 17th September 2018

During our first session, the children learnt more about what a blog is and the benefits of blogging. They enjoyed creating their own games on purple mash and are looking forward to writing on a blog on someone else's game next week.

Key Stage 1 Crazy Golf. Monday 17th September