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Friday 10th July

Spelling Test




The story is set on the Isle of Mulch where Ned lives with his parents and sister Jemima. Ned learns that his sister has been planning to play a huge trick on him, but he has taken her collection of gunk and tried to play the trick back.


Watch David Walliams, the author of Slime, read an extract from the book then complete the activities.



Comparing Decimals


Today you will use what you know about decimals and the greater than, less than and equal to symbols to compare decimals.  

Remember, the big side of the greater than or less than symbol points to the bigger number.

  • This symbol > means more than.
  • This symbol = means equal to.
  • This symbol < means less than.


Watch the video below then complete the activities.


Compare decimals

Art with Sticks

When out on a walk, forage for some different sticks to use in these art and DT projects. Ask for adult help, when needed.