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Friday 12th June

Good Morning Everyone!



Choose something from our PE and exercise ideas page



Ask an adult or older sibling to test you on your spellings and tricky words today


Next complete Autumn Term Workout 8 on pages 16 and 17 of your English Weekly Workout book. 


Extension Tasks Year 1 Book

Write a list of other words containing the 'oo' sound

Choose 3 of them and write them in sentences

Write a list of nouns that should always begin with a capital letter

Find a picture in a book you have at home. Write sentences about the picture remembering capital letters, full stops and conjunctions.


Extension Tasks Year 2 Book

Write a list of other words ending in 'le'

Write a list of words with the sound o-e in them

Write 3 different sentences where you can use commas in a list.

Write a list of nouns that should always begin with a capital letter.



Today we'll complete our work on the 5x table. Please work through page 8 of the booklet.

This week I'd like you to work on securing your knowledge by heart of the 2x table. You should be able to answer questions instantly when asked. How quickly can you respond to all the 2x table questions? Can you beat your own time?


Next I'd like you to complete Autumn term Workout 8 from your KS1 Maths Weekly Workout books. 

Afternoon Activity


Today we are going to look at a BBC Daily Lesson on Coding.

Finish off today by doing some reading of a book of your choice and/or listen to a story form the Story Time page. 

I hope you have a great weekend!