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Good morning and happy Friday! You have survived another week - well done! I am looking forward to seeing lots of you back at school on Monday. Please make sure that you arrive by 8.30am and follow all the guidance in the letter sent out by Mrs Yeoman.

If you are not coming back at this time - that is fine. Just make sure that you take care of yourself, keep safe and try and continue with home learning. 

Morning activity:

Please ask someone in your family to test you on this week's spellings and see how you do. Good luck!

Maths - Calculate perimeter

Watch the video and remind yourself about how to find the perimeter of a shape. Then have a go at completing the questions. I have attached the answers for you to have a look at, once you have answered the questions.


For your work today I would like you to complete the last page in your English activity book, which is called 'Summer Spelling Challenge'. You will need someone in your family to help you with this, as they need to read the sentences aloud to you. Once you have completed all the missing words, mark your spellings and see which ones you need to work on. For the words you got wrong, please write them out 5 times - you could do this in different colours to make it more fun. Then see if someone can test you on the words - can you remember how to spell them?


During your home learning yesterday you learnt about a British scientist called Jane Goodall, who's job was to work with chimpanzees to learn more about them and their behaviour. I would love a job like hers! For your learning today, I would like you to read the next few slides from the powerpoint, which explain why these animals are in danger. You then need to have a go at creating an advert/ poster, encouraging people to help save these beautiful animals and show what work Jane Goodall does. You can make your poster by hand or on the computer - your choice!

Enjoy the rest of your day and have a lovely weekend.