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Friday 17th July

Good Morning Everyone!

It is the final day of the whole school year! I'm so sad we're not at school together to finish off the Summer Term. I hope you have a great final day of Home Learning with your family today.



Choose something from the PE and exercise ideas page



First of all ask someone to test you on your spellings. 


Next have a go at Spring Term Workout 5 on pages 34 and 35 of your CGP English book. 


Finally have a look at the BBC Daily Lesson below that teaches you how to write a counting poem.


We will complete our Fractions work with today's lesson, Finding Quarters. Watch the video below. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click on Week 1, choose the Lesson 5 video.

Now complete the activity.
Now have a go at Spring Term Workout 5 on pages 34 and 35 of your CGP Maths book.

Afternoon Activity

Art and Design: Sculpture

Use the BBC Daily Lesson to find out techniques to successfully sculpt and create a model from soap.

Well - that is the end of our Home Learning and the end of the Summer Term.

I'm sure that you have all tried and done your best with Home Learning. I'm so sorry that our year together in Y2 was cut short back in March and it is such a shame that we weren't able to carry on learning together in school.

I will be looking forward to catching up with all of you when you return to school, hopefully in September. In the meantime have a wonderful summer holiday, at least now we can get and out and about a bit more! Do remember though to stay safe and look after yourself and your friends and family. 


Best Wishes to you all,

Mrs Marshall