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Friday 19th June

Good Morning Everyone!



Choose something from the PE and Exercise Ideas page.


Ask someone in your house to test you on your spellings today.


Now take your CGP book and complete Autumn Term Workout 9 on pages 18 and 19.



Practise your handwriting today by copying out this poem in your neatest writing. Remember to set it out like it is on the sheet. When you've finished you can illustrate it and colour in your drawings. 


To begin with today I'd like you to complete Autumn Term Workout 9 on pages 18 and 19 of your CGP Maths Workbook.

Now see if you can have a go at the 3 challenges below.

Afternoon Activity

Computing: How Games Work.


Use the BBC lesson to learn all about this area of computing.


Remember to do some reading today too. I hope you've enjoyed your learning this week, have a great weekend.