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Friday 1st May



We are going to read the first few pages from the book. Think about the character of Larry. You can either write down a list of adjectives to describe his personality and looks. You can draw the outline of the person (remember we have used this before where we put the personality words on the inside and the looks on the outside).


I have added a copy of the text for you to read.




I have added two different problem solving activities. One has word problems based on 'Globetrotting' and one has activities based on 'Football Gift Shop'.

You do not need to do both, just choose the one you would like to do.



We found this challenge for Fashion Revolution Week and thought it also fits into WW2's government scheme 'Make Do and Mend'. We are following this rule in our current situation too, I know I am making things out of allsorts at the moment.


Upcycle your socks... sock puppet style! Do you have any holey socks in your drawer? Maybe some socks that are too small? A lot of care goes into making socks. There are many people involved at all stages of the supply chain! Rather than throwing your carefully-made socks away, can you create a sock puppet? Send pictures of your craft to or tag us on Twitter (@FairtradeUKEd) for a chance to be featured in our next newsletter!


Email photos to us too, we would love to see what you've created!