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Friday 22nd

Good morning,


You have all done so incredibly well this half term.

We are missing you all so much but we know your parents have done an amazing job keeping you going with your home learning.

Next week is technically half term therefore we won't be setting any home learning.

Have a good rest next week and take care,


Mrs Finch and Miss Johnson

Picture 1



Today I would like you to write a diary entry from the plan you did yesterday.

Remember to include the features we looked at in Wednesday's lesson.


  • include the date and/or time
  • write in the first person
  • use past tense for the main events
  • include an introduction to set the scene
  • tell events in chronological order
  • include personal emotions and feelings
  • use time conjunctions and adverbials(e.g. after that, before lunch, until sunset)



Below are lots of different activities to complete to help consolidate your understanding of multiplication and division.

The BBC has a lesson on problem solving if you would prefer to complete these activities.


Alternatively, if you are not confident with your times tables then you could practise those.




Watch the video about propaganda and look through the Powerpoint.

Can you design your own WW2 propaganda poster, either using the templates with slogans or making up your own?


Remember to use a strong, catchy slogan that is very persuasive, in the effort to fight the war. Use large fonts and bright colours to catch the reader's eye.