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Friday 24th



Today, you can complete the activities on page 6. This is an opportunity to use fronted adverbials in your writing.



Today's lesson is based on Roman Numerals (pg 32-34). If you are feeling confident in this area then you can try some of the activities listed below.

You can complete the following pages of your booklet when (if) you get chance.

  • negative numbers (pg 10-12)
  • estimating (pg18-22)
  • solve problems (pg 31)



Start by looking through the powerpoint about The Blitz.

I would like you to design your own Blitz artwork, experimenting with different effects to create a colourful layered sky background. Then you can add a black silhouette of a city skyline, in the foreground.


You can use whatever you have at home, paints, felt tips, coloured pencils or even torn paper.


We look forward to seeing them!