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Friday 26th June

Spelling Test


Writing a character description


Read this character description of a school caretaker called Mr Simmons.

He is a kind and happy person who likes to help others. This is shown through his actions.


Mr Simmons is the caretaker at Dillon Road Primary School. He is a small man, with white-grey hair and bright brown eyes. He wears round spectacles and the same blue overalls every day. He has been at Dillon Road for as long as anybody can remember.

Mr Simmons can often be found with his old yellow bucket and mop cleaning the corridors. When the children run in from play time, leaving shoe marks and muddy footprints behind them, Mr Simmons will tut, roll his eyes and clean up the mess. Although he’s always hard at work, if he ever sees anyone who looks sad or upset, he’ll pull funny faces to make them smile.

At the end of the day, he cleans the classrooms and leaves happy messages on the whiteboards for the children and teachers to find in the morning. If ever he finds a missing jumper, a lost toy or some hidden sweets (which are strictly forbidden) he always finds out who they belong to (and won’t tell you off!).


Write your own character description using the character profile your filled out yesterday.

You should write between five and ten sentences.

Top tip!

Try to include:

  • What your character looks like.

  • What their job or role is.

  • What their personality is like.

  • Their actions – what they do in the school.

Tenths on a number line


A number line is another way of representing tenths within a whole. The number line can either be split into decimals or fractions.


Each line represents 0.1 or one tenth.

Can you work out what number is shown on this number line below?

Picture 1

So to find the number the arrow is pointing to, you need to count up in tenths until you reach the arrow.

Remember to check which whole numbers the tenths are between.

The arrow on the number line is pointing to 2.5.

Local History

To start to open your eyes to the history around you in Skipton, can you go on on a walk and see if you can spot these eight landmarks? If you find them, can you plot them on your map? What else can you spot?


We will learn more about these landmarks next week!