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Friday 27th March

Good morning everyone! It's Friday, well done for keeping going through the week.


Start your day with some exercise, it will energise you for the rest of the day. Choose PE with Joe on YouTube or if the weather is sunny again and you have a garden or some outdoor space why not get outside in the fresh air? Maybe you could send me a photo later of what you did.


Usually on Friday we have Golden Award Assembly to reward children who have worked hard and achieve well during the week. We can't do Golden Awards whilst we're at home but I'm sure you all have done something amazing this week...send me a photo of the work or activity that you are proud of an explain why. I'll add them to the 'See What Your Friends Have Been Doing' page.



Ask an adult or an older brother or sister to test you on this week's spellings. Let me know via email how you got on if you like, especially if you score 10/10!


Below I have added next week's spellings for you to start learning. If you go to Phonics every day at school then choose the phonics spellings please.



Today I'd like you to use your CGP book 'KS1 English'. Please could everyone complete Autumn Term: Workout 1 on pages 2 and 3. Write your answers neatly in your book in pencil. Write the date at the top of the page. 


Sentence Work.

Look at the Fix The Sentence Activity. Each of the sentences contains several mistakes, either spelling, grammar or punctuation. Can you spot them? Write the corrected  sentences in your orange book. Remember to write the date and title before you begin. Your parents can check them against the answers.





Read the documents below about castles to widen your knowledge.

Most children will cope with the EXP level but if that is too tricky try DEV instead. You can enlarge the text by clicking on it in the area you want to enlarge.


For your starter activity today I'd like you to use your CGP KS1 Maths Book. Complete Autumn Term: Workout 1 on pages 2 and 3. Write the quick date at the top of Page 2 before you begin.


Today we are going to solve problems using our knowledge of the 5 and 10x tables. Look at the teaching activities and them complete your level of Independent Avtivity. Remember try EXP first, if that is too tricky go for DEV or too easy try GD.



Outdoor Learning and Creativity

The weather forecast says its going to be sunny this afternoon so lets go outdoors! Choose one of the activities from my suggestions or you might have some different ideas to try. Ask an adult to take some photos to send to the Y2 email address so we can see what you've created.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Remember to stay at home and stay safe!