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Friday 3rd April

Good Morning Everyone! It's Friday again and you are almost at the end of your second week of Home Learning. Congratulations! I know you are all working hard and doing your best in a very tricky situation. I'm really proud of you all. 


Golden Awards: Whilst we can't have a Golden Award assembly during this closure time, tell me what your child has done this week that you are proud of. Let me know via the Y2 email, I'd love to hear how your child has impressed you this week.


Let's get started...time for exercise. I'm enjoying starting my day with a walk outdoors at the moment. What is your favourite exercise to start your day? Let me know via the Y2 email address and add any photos if you have them.


Choose your favourite exercise activity to end the week. Go for it today, its Friday!



First I'd like you to use your CGP Book, KS1 English. Complete Autumn Term 1 Workout 2 on pages 4 and 5. Write the date at the top of the page.


Now we are going to do a reading activity about Easter Time.

Below is a document with 3 different levels of reading activity.

* (the first one) is the easiest, ** (the second one) is the middle level and *** (the third one) is the hardest.

There is a text for you to read first then after it is a page of questions for you to answer. You can answer them in your orange book or if you have a printer you could print the question sheet out if you prefer. Remember to write the date and title. 

(Parents...the answer sheet follows the question sheet)


If you'd like to find out more information about the celebration of Easter then you can read the presentation below.


First I'd like you to use your CGP book, KS1 Maths. Complete Autumn Term Workout 2. Write the quick date at the top of the page.


Now we are going to do some Activity Cards relating to making equal groups and sharing (dividing). They get increasingly more difficult as they go on so don't worry of you can't do them all.

(Parents: there are some helpful guidance notes opposite the questions to help you support your child to complete the activities) 

Afternoon Activities

Begin by doing your spelling test. If you'd like to let me know how you got on use the Y2 email. Good luck!


Easter Card

This afternoon I'd like you to make an Easter card for someone in your family. If you don't have any card or craft paper at home you could do an Easter picture on paper. Be as creative as you like. You could draw, paint or do a collage by sticking things onto your card. What images will be on the front of your card? Think of all the things that are associated with Easter. 

When your card is finished you might want to send me a photo.


Finish off the afternoon with some reading or choose one of the options in the Additional Activities page for stories read aloud.


Have a lovely weekend, I think it's going to be warm and sunny so make the most of any outdoor space you have and the opportunity to go out with your family for exercise!