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Friday 3rd July

Basic Skills: Spelling test

Ask an adult to test you on this weeks spellings.


Today I would like you to watch the clip about wild animals which have adapted themselves to cope with the cold conditions on a mountain. 

Draw a picture of one of the animals and explain how it has adapted to living in the cold. Look at it's fur, feet, ears, eyes. Does it blend in with the environment? Is it a predator or does it get eaten by other animals? What is there for it to eat on the mountain? 

Marvellous Underwater Mountains!

Some of the biggest mountains in the world are actually under water! Some of them poke out through the sea to form islands whilst others are hidden in the depths of the oceans. Today we are going to find out about an underwater mountain range known as the Mid Atlantic Ridge. Watch the short YouTube video to see what it looks like above and below the surface of the ocean.

Next have a look at the information on the website to find out 10 top facts about the ocean. Can you find any facts about underwater mountains or the Mid Atlantic Ridge?

Mid-Atlantic Ridge