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Friday 3rd July

Spelling Test



Bitesize Daily Book Club: Macbeth


Using the play Macbeth you will learn how to summarise a character and use information from a text to write.

This lesson includes:

  • two videos of TV presenter Ore Oduba reading extracts from the book

  • three activities


Earlier this year, we studied Macbeth as part of our work on playscripts so I am sure you will enjoy revisiting this text!



Hundredths as decimals


What happens when you split one whole into 100 equal parts?

Each equal part is a fraction called a hundredth, you can also write this as a decimal: 0.01.


41 hundredths recorded as a decimal is 0.41


57 hundredths recorded as a decimal is 0.57.


Watch the video below then complete the sheet.

Hundredths as decimals


Today, we are going to finish our Lowry inspired paintings with drawings of people. You've already had a practise of drawing matchstick figures so design and add some more to the foreground in front of the background of scenery and middle ground of buildings.


We would love to see your paintings so please email them in!