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Friday 3rd July

Good Morning Everyone!



Choose something from the PE and Exercise Ideas page.


Ask an adult or another sibling to test you on your spellings today. 


Now complete Autumn Term Workout 11 on pages 22 and 23 of your CGP book. 


Now read the poem below. Next I'd like you to copy it down as handwriting practice. Remember to set it out like it is on the sheet and use yuor best handwriting. Once you've finished it illustrate it with drawings of the things the poem identifies and finally colour them in. 


Today I'd like you to complete Autumn term Workout 11 in your CGP Maths Books. 


Next complete the Challenges below.


Now can you make up your own challenge question using a similar idea? Ask someone to find the answer to see if it works properly.


Here is my problem to show you what I mean. Can you work out the answer?


Mrs Marshall has 14 pencils in a box. She gives 2 pencils to Mrs Lee, 4 pencils to Miss Beck and 5 pencils to Mrs Yeoman. How many does Mrs Marshall have left?

Afternoon Activity

Art: A Texture Treasure Hunt


Today we are going to use an Oak National Academy lesson to learn about a artist called Max Ernst and to discover different textures. 

Remember to do some reading today and if you want, listen to a story from the Story Time page. 


We've reached the end of another week! Well done for completing all your learning this week and I hope you have a lovely weekend.