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Good's Friday! 

For the last time this week log onto YouTube for Joe Wicks' exercise session or choose some other exercise to do for half an hour.



Today we're going to finish our Spring Booklet so I'd like you to complete pages 8, 9 and 10.


Once you've done this ask an adult or older brother or sister to test you on this week's spellings. Then do your reading for 20-30 minutes.


Today I'd like you to do pages 15 and 16, positive and Negative Whole Numbers.

Fairtrade Foundation Fashion Revolution Week

Design and Technology


Mrs Godfrey has passed on this idea from the Fairtrade Foundation and I thought it would be a fun way to end the week. Maybe if you don't get chance to finish this afternoon you could carry on over the weekend. Maybe you could make more than 1 puppet?


Upcycle your socks... sock puppet style! Do you have any holey socks in your drawer? Maybe some socks that are too small? A lot of care goes into making socks. There are many people involved at all stages of the supply chain! Rather than throwing your carefully-made socks away, can you create a sock puppet? Send pictures of your craft to or tag us on Twitter (@FairtradeUKEd) for a chance to be featured in our next newsletter! 


Don't forget to send me any pictures of your puppet as well. I've added some pictures in the document below to inspire you. 

I hope you've all enjoyed this week and that you have a lovely weekend with your families in the sunshine. Stay home and stay safe! smiley