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Welcome to the Year 4 Home Learning Page

Please Note: We will not be adding daily Home Learning Tasks during the Easter Holiday period (Sat 4th April - Sunday 19th April). Instead there will be a range of activities for children to choose in the sub-page Easter Holiday Activities. Don't feel you have to do all or even any of them if you don't want to. They are just there as ideas if children would like something to do.

Please continue to email us photos and we will pick the emails up after the Easter break.

Below is an example of the structure of how we would usually spend the morning in Year 4.

You do not need to follow this structure, it is just an idea to help those who prefer structure.


In addition to these lessons, children also have a Maths and English CGP book to work through, a blue book to record work in, the Year3/4 statutory spellings, ideas for non-screen activities and a list of 100 things to do indoor.

All these activities are only guides and ideas for you to do and not compulsory.


The PE sessions are run live at 9am every morning by Joe Wicks and can be accessed on his YouTube channel:


Miss Johnson will also add work based on our topic for subjects including French, Geography, Art, DT, Music, Science and RE.

Please remember to take movement breaks and go into your garden/back yard regularly for some fresh air.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Spelling Handwriting Basic Skills Times tables Spelling Test
English English English English English
Maths Maths Maths Maths Maths
Reading Reading Reading Reading Reading



Below is the link to the work for each day this week.

All activities are designed so that the children can complete the learning in their blue book so there is no expectation at all that the work is printed out. We know some people might find this easier but we do not want anyone to worry about having to print out.

We understand that this is a challenging time so please do not worry if some of the work is not completed. Just do what you can.

Mrs Finch and Miss Johnson