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Mental Health and Well-Being

Here at Greatwood we take Mental health and wellbeing very seriously. All of our staff members are Level 1 and 2 trained with many of our staff members being level 3 trained. Mrs Smith (our pastoral lead) is our Mental Health Champion and not only supports our children, but works closely with many of our Greatwood families.

Compass BUZZ is an exciting, new, innovative and free project that aims to improve the mental heath and wellbeing of children and young people aged 5-18 (25 with SEND) in schools across North Yorkshire.



Below are some resources from Compass Buzz to support parents and carers wellbeing during the current coronavirus situation.

We are proud to be working towards the School Mental Health Award


Improving self-confidence, resilience and emotional intelligence for pupils and staff at Greatwood.

The Department for Education recognises the direct link between positive mental health in schools and successful educational outcomes; the Mental Health Award for Schools builds on this link and provides a framework for educational institutions to evidence policies and initiatives that work towards improving emotional health and wellbeing for both staff and pupils. 

The award ensures schools are using evidence-based approaches that align to professional and government guidelines. Utilising a developmental framework, which allows schools to evaluate current mental health practices, identify gaps, develop and strengthen these and work towards building an emotionally healthier environment. Through this process, schools commit to making mental health a strategic priority and developing a positive culture that promotes mental well-being for everyone.