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Mental Health Week Kindness

Please see below the free resources from COMPASS BUZZ that centre on ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ which

this year is focused on the theme of kindness.

Acts of Kindness


Acts of kindness can be small, but they can have a big impact!

One of the Five Ways to Wellbeing is ‘Give’; and research has shown that we can improve our own wellbeing by doing

nice things for other people, whether that be giving our time, our words or our presence.

One act of kindness to focus on could be letting others know how much you appreciate them. This can mean a great

deal to people, and often, we might assume they know, but it is really nice to actually hear it or read it!

Below is a template for writing a gratitude letter which could be a lovely way to be kind to a friend, relative or member of staff.



Another act of kindness to focus on could be complimenting others and letting them know what you like about them. This can

be like a gift! Often we might think about gifts as material, physical things like presents. But we can also give people other types

of gifts, for example saying something nice and meaningful about them. They might remember this for a long time. 

Spread kindness around like confetti!


Self Kindness

Sometimes we are so busy being kind to others that we forget to be kind to ourselves, but this is very important for our

self-esteem and should not be forgotten! Again, the acts of self kindness can either be crossed out as they are completed,

or they can be cut out as cards to shuffle through and select from.

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