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Mon 13-17th July

Goodness me, here we are in the very last week of the summer term! It certainly hasn't been the year we expected, sadly the pandemic has got in the way of your children coming to school and enjoying their learning as they normally would. However, I think we have all made the best of an unsettling period and I am sure you are all looking forward to September when we can hopefully begin to get back to something a little more normal!


If you would like to do some Home Learning this week then Oak Academy and Robin Hood Academy still has some fabulous learning activities for you to choose from for your children.

Other activities you could do are:

*make a list....a shopping list or a list of things to pack for a holiday perhaps?

*make a sandwich for a picnic....can you spread the butter and choose a filling? 

*draw or paint a picture of something in your garden.

*Find some sticks or pebbles and group them into 2 groups to make a number sentence.

*write a letter to Miss Carter telling her 2 or 3 things about yourself! You could post it to school, drop it off before Friday or bring it to school in September.

Above all, have a very happy summer break! Stay safe and we will see you soon.

Mrs Guy, Mrs Wilkin and Mrs Done. X