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Monday 13th July

Hello everyone!

I can't believe that a whole school year has passed and that I am now sat here planning out your last lessons for the year. Time has gone really quickly and I have missed teaching you all face to face.This week I would like to finish off a few of the activities we have covered this term. In English we will look at a biography of Sir Edmund Hillary and then attempt to write a biography of your own.As part of our science work we will be getting dirty and looking at soil !! Hope you enjoy them smiley

Basic Skills: Rainbow spellings

Today in English I would like you to read a fact file about Sir Edmund Hillary  and look at a time line of his life. I would like you to plan a biography about his life. I have included a planning sheet to help you with this and a list of the features you could use. 

Biography: Sir Edmund Hillary

Science: This week in Science we will be getting our fingers dirty and finding out about how soil is made. We are going to make a mini - composter complete with worms!! Today all you need to do is watch the power point and collect together all the items you will need to make a mini- composter. ( Plastic bottle, few small stones, gravel or pebbles, compost, worms and left over vegetable/fruit peelings). Important-Don't collect your worms until the last minute. We will start to make the mini- composters tomorrow.