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Monday 15th June

Just to let you know, I will put up two pieces of Y6 maths this week, one from the spring term (decimals, then percentages revision) and one from the summer term (properties of shape). The summer term work does require a protractor, and although the children have been taught how to measure angles, some may have forgotten!. If your child is not confident yet on using a protractor correctly,  and you are unsure how to teach it at home, please just stick to the revision work. Any gaps in your child's understanding will be covered by the Y7 teachers. Keep working on tables too: all tables up to 12 x 12 and related division facts should be learnt off by heart. 

Basic skills

Afternoon activities

Below you will see some ideas on Stone Age weapons, design your own on the design page. Have a go at making your design or the one on the 2nd sheet.