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Monday 15th June

Good morning,


We hope you have had a lovely weekend. This week, we are focusing on grammar in English and continuing our work with fractions.

We have also included some fun activities you might like to try.
















Coordinating conjunctions


Conjunctions are joining words that link together parts of a sentence.

Watch the BBC lesson to revise the different types of conjunctions.

The three main coordinating conjunctions are:

  • and

  • but

  • or

Coordinating conjunctions are used to join together two clauses in a sentence.

These two clauses still need to make sense on their own though - they have equal importance.

For example: I had a terrible cold. I stayed in bed.

You can add the coordinating conjunction ‘and’ between these clauses so it makes one sentence.

For example: I had a terrible cold and I stayed in bed.

There are seven coordinating conjunctions in total. You can use the word FANBOYS to help you remember them all:

For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So

Copy and complete these sentences using a coordinating conjunction.

I have attached a PDF copy if you would prefer to print it out.


Remember: The coordinating conjunctions are for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so.

1. I like playing football __ my favourite sport is basketball.

2. Tom loves eating strawberries __ he doesn't like apples.

3. We could go to the park __ we can visit the cinema.

4. It is sunny outside __ lets get the paddling pool out.

5. I was tired at the end of the day __ I had to ride my bike home from school.


Counting in fractions


We are going to recap counting in fractions.

Complete the activity attached below. If you feel confident then complete the challenge activity.



Please watch the BBC Bitesize video on classification and look through the different versions in the document.

Can you sort the animals and plants shown using a classifcation key? Can you ask different questions to sort them?


Why not design your own using the living things you like?