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Monday 18th May

 Mental Health Awareness Week

Compass is delighted to announce that during Mental Health Awareness Week they will be launching their YouTube channel ‘Wellbeing Wake-Up’.


‘Wellbeing Wake-up’ sessions are aimed at primary aged children, parents/carers and education staff.

The weekly bitesize sessions will be based around the 5 ways to wellbeing; connect, be active, take notice, keep learning and give. Each  of the 6 videos will include a short explanation for adults on why it is important to promote wellbeing, followed by a ‘wake up and shake up’ for children’s minds and bodies to become focused, finishing with a interactive activity that can be carried out with the child and adult at a convenient time. 

The first ‘Wellbeing Wake-up’ video will be uploaded on the 20th May 2020 at 08:30.

Good Morning.

I hope you all had a super weekend and have enjoyed spending some time outside.

Don’t forget to visit Joe Wicks’ YouTube channel for another fun and active start to your day.

You can also follow phonics live on Ruth Miskin training’s YouTube page where Read, Write inc. phonics lessons are available. For the times please check the phonics section of our class page.

Attached below are our learning activities for today. You also have your CGP Maths and English 10 minute workout books. Please complete Spring term: workout 3 in your English book.

Don’t forget to take regular breaks outside and you can try some of the activities suggested in your workbook that was sent home.


In Maths we are looking at comparing length and height of different objects.

When we are comparing the height of 2 objects we use the words taller and shorter.


When we are comparing the length of 2 objects we use the words longer and shorter.


Using objects you can find in your house compare their height and length using the words taller and shorter for height and longer and shorter for length.

What is the tallest object you can find? What is the longest object you can find?



In your book underneath the long date can you write a letter to a friend telling them about what you have been doing during lockdown? This could be a game you have played or an activity you have enjoyed. You could also write down something you want to do with them when you see them again. Remember to start sentences with a capital letter and end them with a full stop.


We are looking at Family and Friends in PSHE.
Today I would like you to think about different things you are good at.

This could be a particular skill – great footballer, good at writing, good singer, etc; or it might be a personal quality – kind, friendly, reliable, great sense of humour, etc.

These things all make us incredible. I want you to think of as many things as you can that make you incredible.

In your book draw a picture called ‘incredible me’. Use your picture to show what makes you incredible.


In art this week we are making our own pet rocks. Using a rock you find outside follow the instructions below to make your own pet rock.

Can you find materials outside to make a cosy home for your pet rock?


Read your school reading book or choose another book from home. Remember to use your phonics to help you read any tricky words.