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Wednesday 3rd June

Good Morning! 

Welcome back to home learning! I hope you're all rested from the half term holiday break and ready and raring to go this morning!

Don't forget to send me any photos of anything you did over the break and I'll add them to our 'See What Your Friends Have Been Doing' page.


Oak National Academy

I have added a new sub-page at the top of our Home Learning page. This page contains information and a link to the Oak National Academy which has daily online lessons for children. Take a look at some point today.



Over the holiday I've added some new activities to our PE and Exercise Ideas page. Why not take a look and try something new today? 


This week we are re-visiting the sound 'tch'. Your word list is in the document below.

Each week we are also going to have some tricky words to learn. Here are this week's words.


Today we are going to re-visit learning about nouns. Look at the PowerPoint first.



Now have a go at the Noun Hunt activity. Remember that names of people or places must have a capital letter.

Finally have a go at making your own Noun Quiz. Choose some of your nouns from the lists you made in the last activity. Can you make up a clue about each one? Like this....


Clue: An animal that is small, squeaks and likes cheese.

Answer: A mouse


See if you can make 5 clues up. Ask someone in your house to see if they can guess the answer. 


Today we are going to visit work on multiplication using arrays to help us.

Look at the PowerPoint first.

Now have a go at the Activity Sheets. Remember * is the easiest and *** is the most difficult. 
There are some Challenge Cards for you to try too if you have time.

Afternoon Activities


Today we are going to learn about different feelings and emotions we all experience. We will also learn what to do if we feel angry.

Here is the link to the lesson.


BBC Daily Lesson: Managing Emotions


Story Time

Take a look at the Story Time page, I have added lots of new stories for you to listen to. Choose one to listen to today.

Remember to try to find some time to read a book yourself and start to learn your spellings.