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Monday 22nd June

Good morning,


We hope you had a lovely weekend. Below is your work for today. Just remember to do what you can. There is an exciting sports competition for you to take part in this afternoon. Email us your results and we can send them to North Yorkshire sport.














Today, we are going to look at comprehension.

Here is a simple example of a comprehension question that you might find in an English lesson.

Tommy is wearing a grey jumper, round glasses and a blue hat.

Question: What colour hat is Tommy wearing?

If you can give the answer 'Tommy is wearing a blue hat', you have used your comprehension skills and shown you have understood the sentence correctly.

Comprehension becomes more challenging when the text is longer because you need to link together more facts and clues to understand what’s happening.


Follow the link to the BBC lesson. There is a short story to listen to but if you prefer, the text is attached below.



Answer the following questions in full sentences to show how well you have comprehended (understood) the story.

1. What did the Hare say he was very good at?

2. Which animal agreed to race the Hare? Why was this strange?

3. What did the Hare decide to do when he saw how slow the Tortoise was in the race?

4. What happened when the crowd started cheering?

5. Who won the race?

6. What lesson (or moral) did you learn from this story?



This week we will be finishing recapping fractions and starting to recap our work on decimals.

Calculate quantities

This is "Calculate quantities" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Have some fun with mixing colours! We would love to see photos if you decide to try these activities.



School Games Virtual Team Challenges

The Virtual School Games Festivals are aimed at keeping young people across the County area active, competing and having fun.

Both Athletics and Tennis competitions are aimed at years 3/4 and 5/6 pupils. Participants will compete in teams selected by their teachers.

The highest scoring teams from each SGO area will be entered to represent the County.

The top 3 teams from across North Yorkshire Districts will be crowned first, second and third and will each receive a School Games medal and t-shirt.


Everyone will get a shot first so complete the challenges and email by 30th June with your scores. Good luck and get active!


This will be great practise for Northern Star Academies Trust Virtual Sports Day on Thursday so please join in that too!

Carrie's War

After some technical difficulties and  a lot of failed attempts to upload new chapters, I have finally managed to upload two more onto Listen to a Story. So sorry for the delay!