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Monday 22nd June

Good Morning! 

Please let your parents know about the virtual Sports Day which is due to take place on Thursday 25th June and is different to the athletics and tennis competition that was sent out last week. Just click on the football symbol to find out more details. ( You can then have a sneaky practice before the day!!!)

Rainbow Spellings. How are you getting on with your spellings? Try to continue learning the spelling patterns if you can, they will really help you.

English: Planning a Mountain Adventure.

In our English this week I would like you to plan and then write your own adventure story set on a mountain. Today I need you to use the planning sheet to plan out your idea. Think about:

characters: one needs to be a mountain guide

opening: setting- weather- name of Mountain- purpose- why do they need to go up

              the mountain?

problem: Bad weather/ storm/ broken bridge/ broken bones/ accident/ getting lost/ 


dilemma: How do they get off the mountain without achieving their objective eg:

              getting urgent supplies to a trapped village/ finding an injured climber

resolution: how is the problem solved

ending: All characters back down mountain safe / objective achieved

moral: Always remember to..........


Just use bullet points, you can use an additional piece of paper if you need to.

Volcanoes for Kids | A fun and engaging introduction to volcanoes for children

Select a diagam of a volcano to colour and label. There are 3 different levels of ability. Pick the one which best fits you. I have left the answers on so you can check to see if you have labelled your volcano correctly.