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Monday 23rd March

These activities are based on the learning we should be doing in the classroom.

You have also been given CGP Maths and English 10 minute workout books. Please complete Autumn term: workout 1 in your maths book.

In addition to this, children can try some of the activities suggested in the work book that was sent home.



In Maths we are spending some time securing what we have learned so far this year.

Today we are going to secure our understanding of finding one less and one more than a number.

In your work book can you write out numbers up to 50 in order.

Using the numbers you have written to help you, can you find one less and one more than the numbers below?

e.g. 18        17, 18, 19 


21        8        35        42        17        49



56       61        75

English. In English we are looking at a non-fiction text about tigers. The text is attached below, please read through it and answer the questions.

We have been looking at still life drawing in art. Looking outside can you draw something which you can see? This could be a plant or an animal. Remember to keep looking back at your object whilst you are drawing it.