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Monday 23rd March

Good Morning!

Don't forget to get your day off to an energetic start...log onto the Joe Wicks YouTube channel (link on main Home Learning page) and join in with the exercises!


Here are this week's spellings.

Spellings: Contractions


cannot               can’t

did not               didn’t

has not              hasn’t

I will                    I’ll

I have                 I’ve

I am                    I’m

could not          couldn’t

would have      would’ve

shall not            shan’t

they will            they’ll


As usual take time each day to learn these during the week and then ask an adult to test you on Friday.




Read the story and then complete the work in your orange book. Remember to write the full date and to use pencil and your best handwriting.
Read and work through the teaching document and then complete the 2x Table Question sheet in your orange books. Before you start don't forget to write today's quick date.


Read your reading book for 20 minutes. If you prefer you could choose another book from home or you could read the George and the Dragon story from this morning's English lesson again if you prefer. Remember we've been practising using expression when we read aloud and if you get stuck use your phonics.

PE: Tennis

Take a look at our tennis photos on the Y2 page of the website. Remember that we have been learning to hit the ball to one another. If you have a tennis racket and ball you could practise this with an adult or your older brothers or sisters. If not practise your throwing and catching skills with a ball. 

Well done everyone! 

What did you enjoy most from today's activities? Don't forget, if you've got any photos of work or activities, or you want to send me a message, email me at