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Monday 27th April

Good morning everyone, welcome to Week 2! I hope you had a good weekend with your families, the sunshine was lovely wasn't it?


Let's start today with PE with Joe Wicks



Below is the list of this week's spellings. They are all words cantaining 'ere' pronounced 'ear'. 

In your blue books please write down each word and then use a dictionary to find out what each one means. Write the definition next to the word. 

Now I'd like you to write sentecnes containing each spelling word.


To finish off today's English work please spend 20-30 minutes reading  book of your choice. If you prefer you could do this activitiy later on. 


This week we will continue with place value revision and I'd like you to complete pages 17, 18 and 19 of the Place Value Booklet. 


Topic Work: Australia


First of all I'd like you to re-visit last week's  presentation, Amazing Australia. Please can you re-read pages 7, 8 and 9 entitled Physical Features. Physical Features are the natural landscape of a country, 

Today we are going to find out more about Ayers Rock (Uluru). Below are some links to websites for additional information.


I'd like you to create a fact file about Ayers Rock using the information you've read about. You can choose how to set out your work. You may want to include information such as location, height, age, type of rock etc. You should also include lots of intersting facts. You may chosse to do this on paper or you could produce it electronically as an Word document. You may add images to support your text if you wish. 


Would you like to visit Ayers Rock one day? Why?


I hope you've enjoyed today's learning everyone. Enjoy the rest of your day!