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Monday 27th April

Good Morning.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and have enjoyed the super weather.

Don’t forget to visit Joe Wicks’ YouTube channel for another fun and active start to your day.

You can also follow phonics live on Ruth Miskin training’s YouTube page where Read, Write inc. phonics lessons are available. For the times please check the phonics section of our class page.

Attached below are our learning activities for today. You also have your CGP Maths and English 10 minute workout books. Please complete Autumn term: workout 8 in your English book.

Don’t forget to take regular breaks outside and you can try some of the activities suggested in your workbook that was sent home.


In Maths we are looking at addition and subtraction. Addition and subtraction are inverse operations; this means that they are opposites.  This can be seen in the addition and subtraction fact families. When you look at fact families they link to each other.
e.g. 7 + 3 = 10    3 + 7 = 10
      10 – 3 = 7     10 – 7 = 3
Can you spot a pattern in these number sentences? What is the same? What is different?

All of these number sentences use the same 3 numbers in them. In your book underneath the dot date, can you complete the addition and subtraction fact families below?

  1. 2 + 8 =
    8 + 2 =
    10 – 2 =
    10 – 8 =

  2. 10 + 3 =
    3 + 10 =
    __ – 3 = 10
    __ – 10 = 3

  3. 15 + 4 =
    4 + 15 =
    19 – __ =
    19 – __ =


In your book underneath the long date can you write a story about a cat who goes on an adventure? Think about where the cat could go. They could go to the beach, on holiday, to visit someone. To help you to think of an idea you could brainstorm with an adult, brother or sister.
In your writing try to remember to start sentences with a capital letter, end them with a full stop and leave finger spaces between words.

Try to include either ‘and’ or ‘because’ in one of your sentences.


We are looking at Family and Friends in PSHE.
Today I would like you to think about your friends. What do you like to do together? What are you looking forward to doing with your friends when you see them again?
Now think about all the qualities that make a good friend. Write them down in your book. Can you pick what you think is the most important quality of a good friend?


In art we are continuing to look at different plants which we can find. This week pick one flower to focus on. Try and draw this one flower, looking at it closely. Remember to keep looking back at the flower to check what you have drawn.
When you have drawn the flower you can colour it in or if you have paints you could paint it.


Read your school reading book or choose another book from home. Remember to use your phonics to help you read any tricky words.