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Monday 27th April

Good Morning Everyone!

Welcome to Week 2 of Home Learning! Remember you don'y have to do everything I put on here every day, it is all optional. It is up to you to choose what suits you and your family best. 



This week we are going to do some Spring themed activities whilst practising our reading and writing skills. Today please can you read the poem on page 1 and answer the questions on page 2. Remember you DO NOT need to print out the activities. Read the poem and questions from the screen and write the answers to the questions in your orange book. 


When you have done this you can copy the poem onto a piece of paper to practise your neat handwriting. Remember to set it out like it is on the sheet and then when you've finished you can illustrate it. Draw what you read about in the poem. 

Spellings and Phonics

Here are this week's lists to learn for a test on Friday. Remember if you go to daily phonics at school then choose the phonics list. Everyone else should choose the spelling list. 

Remember to do your reading today too. Choose a book you enjoy and read for 20-30 minutes.


This week we are going to re-cap addition and subtraction.

We're going to start with a warm up to get your brain working!

Now I'd like you to complete page 2 of the addition and subtraction booklet, Word Problems. Remember if you need to add 2 2 digit numbers you'll need to use the column method. 

PSHE: Families and Friends


Last week you drew a picture of your family, labelled it and then wrote about your family members. This week we are going to build on this work. 


Today I want you to think about how important our family is to you. We need families to love us, protect us, look after us and help us. 

Have a think about the people in your family. I want to you to pick one member of your family who is special to you. Once you've decided I'd like you to draw a picture of that person and then underneath write some sentences that explain why that person is special to you. How do they make you feel? What do you do together? What do you like about that person? How do they help you? How would you feel if this person was not part of your family, what would you miss?


Next I'd like you to think about how families work togehter to make a happy home. Everyone has to make an effort to make a happy family. In the document below I have explained the activity I'd like you to complete with some suggestions to help you. Perhaps your whole family could do this together!