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Monday 27th

Good morning year 4,


We hope you are all well and staying safe. We are really missing you and know you will be missing school and your friends.




Adding the prefix anti - meaning against










Reading Comprehension


Today, I have added some reading comprehension activities for you to do.

Chose one of the following to complete.

I have added different topics as you might prefer a different one to the Sun safety I have planned (topical with this lovely weather we are having).


Each of the additional choices has the option of three different levels, with three stars being the hardest level. You only need to do one of the levels.


Read the text and answer the questions in your blue book.



This week, we will be focusing on addition and subtraction.

The first sheet is to practise the addition strategy but if you would like a challenge, there is also the challenge sheet.

If you are already feeling really confident with maths then have a go at the greater depth challenges I have put together.

Greater depth work


If you child is really secure with addition and subtraction then encourage them to complete the activities in this booklet. I have selected problem solving and reasoning challenges for them to complete throughout the week.



I would like you to look into some WW2 songs and have a think about why these songs kept the nation's spirits up in the hard time of the war. You can learn to sing them or play with an instrument.


Try to answer the questions on the Powerpoint but also you may have heard these songs played through our current situation, can you understand why that is?



Chapter Two of Carrie's War is now up in the 'Listen to a Story' section too.