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Monday 30th March

Good Morning! I hope everyone is ready to begin Week 2.


Lets start with our exercises, Jo Wicks or whatever else you like to do to keep fit!



Today I want  you to start writing an information text about Castles.

Today we are going to write a section with a sub-title


Why Were Castles Built?


In this section I want you to include the following information:

* Explain why castles were built

* Explain where they were built

* Write about what they were made of

* Write about some of the features of castles and explain why castles were built like this 


Any information you will need will be in the texts from last week's English lessons which are still available form the Home Learning page.


Remember to write neatly and check your sentences make sense. Think about your sentence openers too as well as using conjunctions in your sentences. You can complete this work in your orange book.



Today we are going to start division. Look at the teaching activities and them choose your level of independent level. Remember try EXP first. If its too hard try DEV, too easy try GD.


Healthy Me!

Today we are thinking about the different types of food that can help us to be healthy.


Open the document below to find out what you need to do. 

Finish off today with some reading and some time spent learning this week's spellings and times tables.