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Monday 4th May

Good Morning Everyone and welcome to Week 3. Did you have a good weekend? Please remember to keep sending your messages and photos in to our Year 2 email address this week.



Choose one of the activities from our PE and Exercise ideas page. 



Here are this week's spellings for you to learn. We are continuing to work on homophones so make sure you know which context to use the words in as well as spelling them correctly. My examples will help you to understand this. 


Here are the phonics words for children wh go to daily phonics sessions.

Today we are going to learn about 2 things: 

1. using commas in a list

2. command sentences that begin with bossy verbs (doing words)


We are going to use one of the BBC Daily Lessons. Click on the link below to access the lesson. Altogether there are 3 activities in this lesson. Today I just want you to do Activity 1 (Commas in a list) and Activity 2 (writing command sentences in a set of instructions)

We will complete the creative activity, Activity 3, later in the week.


Here is the link to the lesson



This week we are going to recap our learning on money. Today we are going to look at 2 things.

1. recognising coins and notes

2. adding money together in pounds and pence.


To do this we are going to use one of the BBC Daily Lessons. Click on the link below to access this. You will need coins and notes to help you with Activity 1 in this lesson. You can either print out the money sheet that can be accessed from the lesson if you have a printer. You could use real or plastic money if you have it at home or you could simply make coins/notes by using paper and writing the value on each coin/note. If you can't manage this don't worry, just miss Activity 1 out. 

If this lesson is too tricky for you there is an easier activity below.


Here is the link to the lesson

Below is an easier activity, counting coins up to the value of 20p.

Afternoon Activity


Today we are going to think about what makes a good friend. What would your ideal friend be like? What would they look like and what qualities would they have? What would you enjoy doing with your friend?

Draw your friend, write down some sentences about the qualities they'd have and what you would enjoy doing together. 


What are you looking forward to doing with your friends once we are back at school? Write a sentence to include a list of these things. Remember to include commas to separate each item in the list like we practised this morning. 

Finish off today with some reading and then you could listen to a story from our Story Time page.