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Maths - Place Value

For the next few lessons, we are going to recap the children's place value knowledge. I would like them to use the document that I have provided, but each day I will guide them to the pages I want them to complete. 

For their learning today, I would like them to focus on number partitioning - page 4 in the workbook.

e.g. If they had the number 354,765

This would look like: 300,000 + 50,000 + 4000 + 700 + 60 + 5


The children will probably find it easier to complete this work in their home learning books/ on a piece of paper rather than print the work off as the answer boxes are very small. 

Place value workbook

PE and Reading:

Please remember that Joe Wicks does daily PE sessions from 9-9.30am. These can be accessed via his channel on Youtube. Alternatively, get outside in the sunshine and go for a walk/ play in the garden.


It is perfect reading weather at the minute! There is nothing nicer than being out in the sunshine enjoying a good book. Please try your best to read for at least 20 minutes each day.