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Monday 8th June

Good Morning Everyone! I hope that you enjoyed the weekend.



Choose something form our PE and Exercise Ideas page.



Ask some one to test you on your spellings from last week today. Here are this week's new spellings and tricky words for you to start to learn. 

Today we are going to learn about verbs or doing words. Look at the Powerpoint first
Now complete the activities. Choose the ** level first, if it is too hard try * but if it is too easy try ***


Today we are going to work on the 2x tables. Complete pages 2 and 3 of the booklet.


Now have a go at the game 'Hit the Button' Follow the link then click on Times Tables, click the tab Tables up to 10, then click x2

Afternoon Activities


Today we are going to learn from a BBC Daily Lesson. Here is the link:

Body Percussion


Choose a story from the Story Time page.

Remember to start learning your spellings and practise your reading.