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Our Class Photos

 Please use the year3 e-mail address: to send me pictures of what you have been doing whilst we have been away from school so we can share them with your friends. Can't wait to see what you have been up to!!

Magnificent Mountain Model: How Amazing is this?

Mountain Explorer!

Cool Contours make Mighty Mountains!

Can you guess who is hidden behind the Mask?

It's Haris !!

Someone has been busy!!

What a catch!

Look at these Amazing drawings!

Celebrating VE Day

More Super Art work!

Amazing Art Work! Florence has produced some spectacular drawings - great job!!

Taking Regular Exercise!

Teaching a Dog a new trick

Making a diary about Covid 19

Being the teacher- and making a good job of it too!

What a fantastic Rainforest project!!

The Tiger Who Came to Tea?

Chef in training!

What a busy boy- Fantastic!

Sending cards to residents in care homes