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Parent's Voice and Feedback

In this section, we will periodically be asking your views on different aspects of the school. We do love to hear positive feedback as well as your thoughts and suggestions of ways we can continue to make Greatwood a fantastic place to learn. Thank you for your help.

Parent Feedback April 2020

During the school closure we received an unprecedented amount of positive feedback from our parents:

We really do not know what we would have done without all the support from school over the past few weeks. You have been incredible. Mr Parks

We've just done our workout and can't wait to start on today's work!

Claire Boocock - Lily


Ava is very much enjoying learning her timetables, and is singing them so much her little sister Isla has learnt them aswell.

Ava has been enjoying listening and reading lots of different books and is using great expression when reading a loud.

She has practiced her spellings independently and had achieved 10/10 today! We are very proud of her learning and efforts.

We have been doing lots of creative activities this week, including drawing lots of castles! 

Kayleigh Nicholson - Ava


I really miss going to school and seeing you and my friends. I work hard with maths and English but I also play outside with my parents and sister.

Emilia, Y2


Today we have been for walk in Skipton woods. We listened for the different sounds of the wildlife and Stanley spotted a chaffinch! We also saw Mrs Guy! Stanley then designed his Easter egg - frog!! We are going to print off our pictures from our walk and then write a story about it. 

Cathy Greenwood - Stanley and Elsie


“Thank you so much for all you are doing for all of the children.” 

Amanda Throupe – Cora Ellison 


“Thank you for all you are doing. The boys miss you all.” 


“The boys have been busy going on the garden hunt, building a house for Goldilocks and making porridge from glitter sand. They loved reading the story while playing with the puppets.” 

Cheryl Hailwood – Blake and Kaiden 



“Harry has had fun learning all about goldilocks and the 3 bears.” 

Hannah Robinson – Harry 


“Isla is having great fun at the Nicholson School. We have been playing out lots in the garden and getting our exercise on the trampoline. “ 

Kayleigh Nicholson – Isla 


“Thank you for all the help with the websites and activities, they have been a great help keeping busy.” 

Elizabeth Burke – Freya 


“Harry has been having lots of fun this week. We have done some writing, practised numbers, baking, science and art.” 

Alison Campbell - Harry

We played battleships before bed and loved it, lots of laughter and smiles. Thank you

Elektra has really enjoyed doing her French. (Elektra Yr 4 - Cheryl Hailwood)

You’re sending us some great ideas. Thank you for all the support. (Lilly Yr 4 - Naomi Dodgson)


I really appreciate you sending Harry some different work to help him as I know you are so busy, so thank you. (Harry W Yr 4 - Rachel Wood)

Year 1 Performance Assembly Feedback 12th February 2020


"The whole class were amazing and they were all so confident" Sofia's Mum and Dad


"I really enjoyed watching the performance, well done kids!  Thank you Teachers!" Julian's Mum


"The children did so well learning their lines.  We love to watch the class doing things like this."


"We really enjoyed the performance.  It made us both really proud.  Well done Year 1!"


"The children were so confident and looked like they all had lots of fun"


"The children were fantastic and did very well"


"The performance was brilliant!"


"A great performance, we know you are all working hard and trying your best!"



Year 2 Performance Assembly Feedback December 2019:


"Absolutely fabulous-we really enjoyed it.  The children will remember the date of the Great Fire of London and where it started for ever!  Thank you once again for another fantastic performance at Greatwood School."


"I was here when Greatwood School opened in 1953, the performance was very good."  Great Grandad


"Excellent performance, the children were great! They were confident and sang songs off by heart without any support.  Thank you teachers for getting the children ready for this play.  We really enjoyed it." Emilia's mum


"Perfect, funny, informative, educational and we loved the costumes"


"Brilliant performance, well done to everyone involved,  The kids did brilliantly!"


"Amazing, Fantastic, Wonderful!  Well done Y2"


"Brilliant performance, thank you 10/10"


"Brilliant performance, thoroughly enjoyed it.  All the children should be very proud, as are we!"


"Really lovely, thanks Mrs Marshall!  Well done for learning all of the words children." Ruby's mum


"Brilliant! The kids were amazing!"


"Absolutely superb.  All of the children were fantastic.  Well done" Ava's mum


"Very Good!"




"Fantastic, well done!"




Parent Questionnaire Feedback Summer 2019


Summary-Summer 2019

Thank you to all of the parents that completed the Parent Questionnaire in July.  Here is a summary of the main findings: 


Strengths of the School:


Safety of the school environment

Communication-Replying to emails/phone calls straight away

Information sharing

The Teaching

After School clubs

Community Spirit

Greatwood is a family

My child has diabetes and feels safe in school even with this

Project work

Children are encouraged to be enthusiastic and confident



Suggestions for improvements:


More information in the year starter newsletters to show what each year will be learning about.

Monthly Newsletter not weekly

Ensuring that all children are wearing the correct uniform

More joining in times

Newsletters to include nursery

Send more texts to remind

Ensuring that homework is maneagable 

More opportunities to discuss friendships, treating each other with care and encouraging creativity.

School Development Plan suggestions:


Continue to promote good behaviour

Promoting correct manners and kindness

Celebrating diversity, acceptance of different cultures, faiths and traditions

Encourage more creativity

More focus on outdoor education

Extra focus on maths

Extra focus on spellings

Stronger Y6 Reading Programme to keep children more interested