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In this section, we will periodically be asking your views on different aspects of the school. We do love to hear positive feedback as well as your thoughts and suggestions of ways we can continue to make Greatwood a fantastic place to learn. When completing a response we kindly ask that you please keep feedback linked to the target question. Thank you for your help.

Parent Questionnaire Feedback Summer 2018


Summary-Summer 2018

Thank you to all of the parents that completed the Parent Questionnaire in July.  Here is a summary of the main findings: 


Strengths of the School:


Safety of the school environment

Communication-Replying to emails/phone calls straight away

Information sharing

The Teaching

After School clubs

Community Spirit

Greatwood is a family

My child has diabetes and feels safe in school even with this

Project work

Children are encouraged to be enthusiastic and confident



Suggestions for improvements:


More use of the outdoor space

More information in the year starter newsletters to show what each year will be learning about.

Monthly Newsletter not weekly

Ensuring that all children are wearing the correct uniform

More joining in times

Newsletters to include nursery

Website more up to date

Website pictures loading up

Send more texts to remind

When new staff start, introducing them properly

Ensuring that homework is maneagable 

More opportunities to discuss friendships, treating each other with care and encouraging creativity.

More KS1/EYFS Clubs

More after school clubs-Gymnastics, basketball, golf

Treasure box for KS2 contents could be improved

School Development Plan suggestions:


Continue to promote good behaviour

Promoting correct manners and kindness

Celebrating diversity, acceptance of different cultures, faiths and traditions

Encourage more creativity

More focus on outdoor education

Extra focus on maths

Extra focus on spellings

Stronger Y6 Reading Programme to keep children more interested

The School Development Plan that is currently being developed will use these parent suggestions to enhance our provision even further.


If you do have any more suggestions then please do contact me.


Mrs Yeoman