Outdoor Education at Greatwood

Here at Greatwood we are extremely fortunate to have Mr Magee, who is our qualified Outdoor Education leader, together, with the support of Mr French who is a builder and master of all trades, they deliver our daily Outdoor Education programme.

Throughout the year all children from Year 2 to Year 6 take part in a three week programme designed to enhance the National Curriculum and give our children experiences and opportunities that they would not get to experience elsewhere.

This year some of the activities that the children will be experiencing are:

Planning and navigating a walk up Pendle Hill,





Den building,


Making a campfire and cooking on it,

Dry stone walling,


Den building,


Tree identification,

Joinery and much much more.

Parent Voice

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much Paisley enjoyed the Outdoor Ed experience. He didn’t really talk about it much at the time only to briefly tell us what he’d been doing & to say he’d had a good time.
During the Easter holidays we took our grandchildren up to The Coldstones Cut near Pately Bridge, as soon as we got out of Skipton , Paisley looking at the scenery said “this is beautiful"
after that he never stopped chatting all the way there, every sentence started with “when I did outdoor ed” he gave us an intense lesson on dry stone walling, explaining in detail how to do it & why the middle is hollow & how the wall settles etc. He chatted about reservoirs & how you never swim in them & why, we had a lesson on hiking, what clothing/ boots & equipment to take, the trig point on top of Pendle Hill,  he told us about his experiences fishing & den making, his knowledge on all subjects covered was phenomenal, we all had a very enjoyable afternoon enriched by Paisleys experience at Outdoor Ed. He also chatted about why we should never to go on railway lines, who makes Tessler cars , how clouds are made & many other topics.  His general knowledge amazing.
Thank you for your dedication to teaching , especially Outdoor Ed.
I am proud to say Paisley attends Greatwood School.


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