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Welcome to Reception! 



We hope you and your children have enjoyed the content of Home Learning so far. Please do email any feedback to us, positive or suggestions for improvement- all welcome!  Whilst it would be ideal for all our families to participate we absolutely understand that some of you are juggling several children, working from home and running a household all at the same time. We know it is difficult. Therefore all home learning tasks are absolutely optional, you may choose to do one or all, some days it might be none. That is fine. Our main priority for you and your family is that everyone’s mental health and wellbeing is as good as it can be whilst living under the current restrictions. 

We are sure that many of you will be concerned about your children ‘falling behind ‘ with their learning. Please do not worry. When we are able to return to school all teachers will carefully adjust the curriculum to ensure content that has been missed is covered. 

We very much hope that you are all well and are continuing to stay at home as per the government guidelines. We are missing all the children and really hope that we can get back to normality in the not too distant future.

Stay safe, Mrs Guy, Mrs Wilkin & Mrs Done 


Yesterday your children were sent home with their Home Learning packs. Each day we will let you know what we want your child to complete, this will be put in the Home Learning section of our class page, just click on the Home Learning icon. If you have any questions, are unsure about anything or just want some reassurance please use the Reception email address and one of us will reply as soon as possible. Please encourage your children to get some fresh air everyday whilst also remembering how important social distancing is at the moment, alot of learning can be done outside.


Today we enjoyed a sports session from Kanga Sports. The children pretended to be pirates and had to walk the plank, climb the rigging, avoid the sharks and practise their throwing. We then did a short dance session. The children really enjoyed it.


Yesterday, as part of World Book Day, Mrs Marshall came to read a story to us. We really enjoyed listening to it and she has left the book with us so we can read it again.


Today we took part in a balance festival organised by Miss Hoggarth. We joined children from other schools to practise our balancing, it was great fun!


This week in our PE lesson we were practising our throwing and catching skills. The children had to concentrate really hard and make sure they were doing good looking.


Today we did some dinosaur drama and dance in PE, the children enjoyed stomping and pretending to be the different dinosaurs.


Yesterday we went to the running track for our sponsored running event. The children ran really well and we were very proud of them, please remember to collect your sponsor money #Thisisluke


This week we have been learning about shapes and their properties. We went on a shape hunt to find shapes in our environment.


Yesterday we celebrated Chinese New Year. We read a story about a Chinese dragon and ate Chinese food, it was delicious!


We are very excited to be hatching our own dinosaur eggs! The children are really hoping we will get a Tyrannosaurus Rex.


What a very busy classroom we had for Joining In Time! Thank you to everyone who could come along and please remember that you can contribute to your child's learning journey at any time.


We have had a fabulous morning at Skipton Library. The children walked there really well, we listened to a story, made a bookmark and borrowed a book. All the adults were very impressed with the children's good behaviour.


Yesterday Reverend Ruth came to tell us the Christmas story, we helped her to decorate her Christmas tree.


Thank you to all our families who came to watch our Foundation Stage Nativity, we were so proud of all the children. The Reception children worked really hard to practise their lines and spoke loudly and clearly and the Nursery children did beautiful singing. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


We had a fabulous day at Harlow Carr Gardens, the children loved making a wormery and learning all about composting, we then went into the woods to make minibeast pictures from natural resources and finally had time to play in the park. 


This week the children have taken part in a Balanceability session with Miss Hoggarth. Each session has seen the children become more confident on the balance bikes with the majority of them able to push and glide, the children will now attempt to ride a pedal bike without stabilisers.


We have had a very busy start to this half term, the children are enjoying practising their phonics and writing and we are very pleased with their progress.


Today was an exciting day as the woodchip was delivered to complete our outdoor area makeover. We are really looking forward to being outside after the holidays and not getting covered in too much mud! The children have worked hard this half term and we are sure they are ready for a rest.


Today we used the parachute for the first time, we washed and dried our washing, played cat and mouse and popped the popcorn. We had lots of fun!


In PE today we got the wall bars out for the first time. The children did really good listening and were able to climb carefully and sensibly, they travelled in different ways and were able to jump off safely.


This week we went for an Autumn walk. The children collected leaves, twigs, conkers and acorns and then we added them to our lovely Autumn display.


Yesterday we attempted to run our first daily mile on our new running track. The children managed to run 5 of the 13 laps we needed for our mile, they tried really hard and were very tired at the end, we will keep practising!


In numbertime this week we have been learning about the number 2. We have watched a Numberblocks clip about number 2, practised doing 2 actions, found 2 objects in the classroom and today we went out onto the field and found either the number 2 or 2 objects, the children really enjoy outdoor learning.