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Science at Greatwood

Our Greatwood Science Vision

Our shared vision for Science has been developed by the teaching staff and the children here at Greatwood.

We are thrilled to announce that we have achieved the Primary Science Quality Mark for 2019. 
What is PSQM?
Primary Science Quality Mark is not like other quality marks: it is a year-long CPD programme that helps schools to achieve a quality mark, whether science within the school has been a low profile for a while or the school wants to improve the provision further. It focuses on developing effective, confident science leadership for whole school impact on science teaching and learning.


  • Enables science subject leaders to develop and articulate a clear intent and aspirational vision for science. The process of achieving a PSQM  raises the profile and quality of science across the whole school.
  • Supports subject leaders to effectively implement a curriculum for science that is informed by research evidence and best practice data. Working with an expert hub leader subject leaders evaluate current provision for science and put in place a development cycle that leads to sustained progress in science across the school.
  • Ensures strong and positive impact: Children make good progress, building and consolidating their knowledge and skills, developing positive attitudes about science and its value to their lives and globally. Teachers and children enjoy their science lessons.

Training for SCITT students 31.1.2020

Sharing our expertise and teacher knowledge is at the centre of our successful staff CPD and our ongoing collaboration with Northern Star Teaching Alliance. On the 31st January we hosted the SCITT students for a full day of ‘hands on’ science. 
Feedback was exceptional and the students are now fully equipped to plan and teach inspirational Science lessons throughout their placements and into their teaching careers. 

Many thanks to Miss Carter for leading the day.

Y6 Circulatory System

Year 6 learned all about the heart by dissecting one. The children were enthralled in the session, using high quality scientific terminology and the quality of the discussions that were taking place were incredible! 

Reception Trip to Harlow Carr

On Wednesday 4th December our Reception class visited Harlow Carr.


The Yorkshire Rotters (a group of volunteers) taught us all about composting and how worms help to turn food into compost. We learnt a really fun song all about worms.

Worm Song

Still image for this video

We then used magnifying glasses to look for the worms head, tail and saddle (where the baby worms are!) 


We all made our very own wormery, complete with six worms to take home! 


Afterwards we went out into the woodland and used natural materials to make our own mini beasts.


We are looking forward to welcoming the Yorkshire Rotters into school in the Spring Term (2020) to deliver a whole school day on composting.

14.11.19 STEM day at Skipton Girls High School

Our Year 6 children have been busy planting, growing and nurturing lots of different fruit and vegetables including; cabbages, potatoes, rhubarb, apples and plums. Today we started to collect their crop...

Science Homework projects

Look at Corey’s model of the layers of Earth
We are proud to be working towards the Healthy Schools Award. We took part in the launch day at Harlow Carr. Here you can see us planting a variety of pumpkins and squash.

Miss Carter set us all a challenge to ‘Take a Science Selfie!’


We have been so impressed with the many Science investigations, experiments and opportunities that the children and the teachers have experienced at home.


We’ve had Lilly who turned her house into a laboratory, James who was a Palaeontologist on the East coast, Georgie who baked some buns, Electra and Ariana who carried out a floating eggsperiment, Miss Carter who trained her snail to smile for the camera! Mr Finch who made a potion at the Cake’ole, Mrs Done who went out for a nature walk in Skipton Woods and so many more.

Our Outdoor Classroom is starting to take shape

12.4.19 Science Hall of Fame - Thank you to everyone that came - It was a great success!

EMS have a new pet!

Meet Sooty, a Black Moor fish!

Spring Term 2020 Science:

During the Spring Term of 2020 we will be focussing on the following areas in Science.  We will build on the Scientific skills that we have already acquired.


We cannot wait until to welcome Northern Lights to deliver a Whole School CSI day. 


Science Trips:

Educational visits and visitors are a key feature of our practical, hands on Science approach here at Greatwood.


Autumn Term 2019:

We have had a weekly KS2 Gardening club where the children have planted trees, looked after our school garden, built bug hotels and have even designed their own vegetable patches.


Our Year 6 chicken monitors have done a fabulous job in feeding, cleaning and collecting eggs.


Y6 took part in a STEM day at Skipton Girls High School.


Nursery had a visit from the Vet.


Reception visited Harlow Carr to find out about composting and mini beasts and made their own wormery complete with 6 worms to take home!


Year 2 visited Keelham Farm shop as part of their 'farm to fork' topic.  They also visited an apple orchard.


Year 4 visited Eureka in Halifax to learn about the digestive system where they took part in a 'chew to poo' workshop.


Spring Term 2020:

The whole school will be having a visit from Northern Lights to deliver a Whole School CSI day.


Summer Term 2020:

Our Reception children will be visiting Hesketh farm.