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Science at Greatwood

Our Greatwood Science Vision

Our shared vision for Science has been developed by the teaching staff and the children here at Greatwood.

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14.11.19 STEM day at Skipton Girls High School

During the Easter holidays 2019 Miss Carter set us all a challenge to ‘Take a Science Selfie!’


We have been so impressed with the many Science investigations, experiments and opportunities that the children and the teachers have experienced over the two week period.


We’ve had Lilly who turned her house into a laboratory, James who was a Palaeontologist on the East coast, Georgie who baked some buns, Electra and Ariana who carried out a floating eggsperiment, Miss Carter who trained her snail to smile for the camera! Mr Finch who made a potion at the Cake’ole, Mrs Done who went out for a nature walk in Skipton Woods and so many more.

12.4.19 Science Hall of Fame - Thank you to everyone that came - It was a great success!

Spring Term Science:

During the Spring Term we will be focussing on the following areas in Science.  We will build on the Scientific skills that we have already acquired.


Science Trips:

Educational visits and visitors are a key feature of our practical, hands on Science approach here at Greatwood.


Autumn Term:

We have had a weekly KS2 Gardening club where the children have planted trees, looked after our school garden, built bug hotels and have even designed their own vegetable patches.


Our Year 6 chicken monitors have done a fabulous job in feeding, cleaning and collecting eggs.


Nursery had a visit from the Vet.


Year 2 visited Keelham Farm shop as part of their 'farm to fork' topic.  They also visited an apple orchard.


Year 4 visited Eureka in Halifax to learn about the digestive system where they took part in a 'chew to poo' workshop.


Spring Term:

The whole school will be having a visit to Chester Zoo to learn more about animals, their habitats and life cycles.


Summer Term:

Our Reception children will be visiting Hesketh farm.