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See what your friends have been doing


Rachel has been very busy learning, she has been doing equations using marbles.


Bethany has been busy growing peas. Well done Bethany they look to be growing well.


The children at school have taken part in the NSat virtual sports day. We did running, long jump and throwing a bean bag, we had lots of fun!


Henry has been busy, he has been painting and reading his Thomas book in the garden, followed by a picnic. He finished off with a bit of gardening and picked the first strawberry and raspberries, he says they tasted delicious.


Henry has been working hard at home, he has completed 3 Maths Factor challenges, joined the summer reading challenge through the library, and drawn a picture of him and Gregory playing hide and seek.


George and his big brother James have been busy baking a birthday cake for their dad.


Here is a selection of photos from your friend enjoying the sunshine.



22.05.20 Henry has made a super worm using a long balloon - his name is Wiggles the Worm!

Henry and his family have had a 'family Lego club' this afternoon because Friday is when Henry did Lego club at school. He has also lost his third tooth - he accidentally swallowed it so he is going to write a letter to the tooth fairy to explain.


22.05.20 Here is Maisie's worm Wilf, Wendy and William Worm. I love their sunglasses Maisie, they look very cool.
20.05.20 Seth is loving learning about worms this week. He found one in the garden today whilst playing in the sunshine (with his hat and sun cream on).
20.05.20 Henry has enjoyed measuring his cars at home today....he has done some great recording of it too! Henry has also made the reception staff this lovely picture for 'thank a teacher day' it is wonderful and it really made us smile :-) Thank you.


Here's Gregory helping to apply his Mum's suncream before a walk in Skipton Woods. Staying safe in the sun is really important, well done.

Henry has been working hard again. He has done some writing, maths work, Lego models and enjoyed sharing the Superworm story with his daddy. Lovely!
Maisie has been busy perfecting her phonic knowledge and measuring her daddy because she’s not too keen on worms!
Henry has got off to a great start this week with his learning about worms! He liked the bit about poo! After his work he made a lovely card for his uncle’s birthday. Well done Henry, what a great job!

Home Learning week 6

You have all been very busy learning about ladybirds this week. We have seen some fabulous writing, drawing, maths work and some creative ladybird artwork. Keep working hard, having fun and looking after each other. We are very proud of you all.


Home Learning Week 5

It has been another very busy week for you all. Lots of you have enjoyed spending time outdoors in the sunshine. There has been lots of amazing phonics, writing, drawing, maths, baking and lots of great learning about snails. We are missing you all very much! Hope you have had a nice bank holiday weekend :-)

Home Learning Week 4

You have all been so busy learning about caterpillars and butterflies this week. We have seen some fabulous writing and maths work and some very creative artwork. Keep working hard, having fun, and looking after each other, and hopefully, we will all be able to see each other soon.

Home Learning Week 3

It has been another busy week for you all. Lots of you have enjoyed spending time in the sunshine, riding your bikes and having picnics. There has been lots of good writing, maths, reading and learning about spiders. We are missing you!

Easter Holidays. 

A few of you have been in touch over the holidays and we are pleased to show you a few photos of Easter fun! Email any photos to us if you would like your pictures to be added!

Home Learning Week 2

There was so much baking this week! You have been busy making buns, cakes and biscuits and they all look delicious. There was also lots of building using different materials. A lot of children have also practised their writing, we were really impressed with the letter formation and finger spaces and there was also some good maths happening both with number and patterns. You are making us so proud that you are still so enthusiastic about your learning at this tricky time.