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Basic Skills

You will need your classroom secrets kids login to play these games. This can be found in your blue books.


Dice Game: make the dice. Roll each dice and write a sentence for each preposition. Answers in your blue book please.

Science: Identifying different parts of a flower.

Watch  the BBC video clip and then complete the workheet, labelling the different parts of a flower. If you have any flowers in your garden or home at the moment see if you can identify the different parts. Lillies work really well for this, but take care as the pollen ( usually powdery orange) may stain your fingers and clothes!! If we were in school I would ask you to dissect the flower to find the different parts, if you decide to do this at home remember to ask an adult for help and to put down covers to protect surfaces. Wash your hands as soon as you have finished. I've included some photos of a lily I dissected at home. Enjoy!

Identifying parts of a flower