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Thursday 14th May

Good Morning Everyone!



Choose something that you would like to do today.



Today we are going to do a reading lesson. The link to the lesson is below. If the text is too difficult for you to read, perhaps you could ask an adult or an older brother or sister to help you. 


Daisy and the Trouble With Life


Today we are going to complete the multiplication and division booklet. Please can you work through the first column of page 2. If you're struggling draw a diagram or an array to help you. 


Afternoon Activity


Florence Nightingale


Did you know that on Tuesday of this week, 12th May, it was  Florence Nightingale's 200th birthday? She was born on 12th May 1820.

What can you remember about her life and why we remember her?

Watch this short film about her life to refresh your memory then try the quiz to test your knowledge.


Florence Nightingale


Classroom Secrets Kids

Y2 Florence Nightingale Quiz



I hope you did well on the quiz! Enjoy the rest of your day.